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Cloudflare DNS app aims to speed up and secure your mobile Web surfing

Those of you who'd like to add greater performance and privacy to your mobile Web surfing can now take advantage of a DNS app from the folks at network service provider Cloudflare.

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Available for iOS and Android, the new app dubbed is Cloudflare's attempt to bring its desktop DNS service to your mobile device. The two big benefits of such a service are speed and security. An alternative DNS service... Read More »

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Twitter might soon add an 'edit' button to fix typos in tweets

We've probably all sent a tweet with a typo or a broken link -- or we forgot the image or missed a clever hashtag. Inevitably, we either deleted the tweet and try again, or reply to ourselves with the correction. It would be easier to edit, but Twitter (iOS, Android) doesn't have the option.

At a #Powerof18, an IIT event in India about social change and democracy, Twitter's CEO Jack Dorsey shed some light on the subject.

"We have... Read More »

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Google revamps 'Files Go' app and renames it 'Files by Google'

An app that started life as way to free up space on Android Go phones for people in developing regions has blossomed into a full-fledged file manager with a new design and a new name.

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Formerly known as Files Go, the app has been rechristened Files by Google, the search giant said in a blog post. The new name is a reflection that although the app was originally designed for Google's Android Go... Read More »

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Dating app Badoo finds a dramatic increase in matches during 'cuffing season'

Cuffing season is upon us. For those of you whose heads have been buried in the snow, cuffing season refers to that "the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful" period when singles are typically more eager to be "cuffed," or shackled, to a significant other.

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And why shouldn't they be? It's darker, colder, and wetter in the late fall and early winter, which means you're potentially spending... Read More »

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Yahoo's 'WakingNews' app replaces wake-up alarms with news briefings

Blaring smartphone alarms don't make waking up a pleasant experience. Using a song to wake up to can make you really hate that song.

Yahoo has another option. With WakingNews, the company's new app, you can wake up to audio briefings from your favorite news sources.

WakingNews supports a variety of brands like Huffington Post, Yahoo News or other in-house sources, Engadget, and more.

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The app's... Read More »

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Nintendo Switch gets a YouTube app to beef up its video streaming options

Since the Nintendo Switch launched in March 2017 at $300, it's been a blockbuster seller for the company, racking up close to 23 million customers, who've bought well over 100 million games. But despite its stellar results, there have been some complaints about the streaming services available on the device. Or rather, the dearth of them.

So far, Hulu has been the only streaming service available in North America on the Switch, leaving Netflix, Amazon, and others out in the... Read More »

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Google Chrome browser will start blocking mobile billing malware scams

While Android security is generally much tighter than it is on Windows, despite both platforms being quite prevalent, that doesn't stop sketchy mobile developers from trying new and interesting ways to fraudulently separate you from your hard-earned money.

In late June, we reported on a particularly nasty piece of Android malware called Sonvpay. Apps containing programming code produce a fake system warning that sends you to a website where you are tricked into signing up for a subscription service that... Read More »

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Pinterest's 'friend feed' gets an Instagram-style makeover

The friend feed feature on Pinterest (iOS, Android) launched in the spring. The addition brought a more social networking vibe to the app, letting users follow their friends' activity.

The feature lives under the "Following" icon on your dashboard. Users have the option to comment on a friends' pin, share it, pin it to their own board, or download it to their device.

In its latest update, the feed took on a display similar to Instagram (iOS,... Read More »

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Vine creators look to revive looping videos with Byte

Vine co-founder Dom Hofmann announced on Twitter yesterday that he plans to launch a new video looping app called Byte next spring. The platform's website says it is "a new looping video app by the creator of vine" and has a space designated to attract creators to the new service, even asking them if they were initially users of vine and what apps they use now.

Nearly 200 million monthly users flocked to Vine after it was founded... Read More »

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Google's Android security report says its Play Store is safe -- but what about China?

If you read a lot of mobile news, you probably don't go a single week without seeing a major story about an Android or iOS app trying to rip people off, steal their private data, or impersonate a legitimate product. But while these stories are usually accurate, they might not be as common as you've been led to believe.

According to Google's new quarterly Android Ecosystem Security Transparency Report, less than 1 percent of Android devices using the Google Play... Read More »

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