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'ClassDojo' app lets parents keep an eye on their preschool kids

Usually, when you ask a child what they did in school today, they'll reply with a vague "nothing," or "I don't remember." As a busy parent or guardian, you may find your child's brief answers don't really fill you in on what's going on at your child's school.

The ClassDojo app (iOS, Android) can strengthen communication between parents, children, and teachers. The app has portals for parents, school leaders, teachers, and students. The app is used at 90 percent of K to 8 schools... Read More »

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Use BallotReady on your phone to research candidates and walk into the voting booth with confidence

Whether on the local or national level, election season can be overwhelming. There's multiple candidates, stances, and issues to take into account before filling out your ballot. Depending on the website you search, you can hear different takes on candidates and that only serves to muddy your decisive waters.

BallotReady is possibly the best candidate round-up site available. Simply open the website on your mobile browser or desktop and enter your full address. The website puts together a conclusive, nonpartisan... Read More »

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Follow 2018 US midterm election day results in real-time on Apple News 'Key Races' section

Apple News (iOS) is making it easier for people to keep track of election results with its Key Races section. The company will launch the feature at 8 p.m. on November 6.

Key Races will replace Apple News' Midterm Elections section in the app. Users can also find the feature where Apple News' Digest tab used to be, for even quicker access.

"The 2018 Midterm Elections section helps readers follow the latest on the elections with breaking news, exclusive... Read More »

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Best apps to help you vote in the 2018 US midterm elections

Politics can be complicated. There are differing opinions on almost every channel or news site you can find. Figuring out what's true can be no easy task.

To untangle the mess, check out these nonpartisan apps to help you prepare for an upcoming election or sort fact from "fake news."

1. Pulse Voter

The Pulse Voter app (iOS, Android) was created by a group of Stanford University students to combat voter apathy.

Through Pulse, you can see how... Read More »

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How to block those aggressive ads in your kid's apps

A University of Michigan Medical School study found that apps designed for kids are jam-packed with ads and in-app purchases. Some of the ads look like part of the app's game and it can be hard for young users to differentiate.

The study said 95 percent of the apps contained advertising.

It can be tricky to find "free" kids apps for download that don't have any ads. Trying to find software to block those ads can be even harder.... Read More »

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How ShapeGB app could help fix the randomness of clothing sizes

Buying clothing can be a struggle at the best of times. Finding the right style in the right color is not always easy. And then there's sizing. Stores vary a great deal in how they size garments, and there is even variety between lines in a single store. So, having scoured the shelves for what looks right, you then have to take a chance trying clothes on. Surely this process could be easier.

In the UK, ShapeGB is a major... Read More »

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Google's Digital Wellbeing app expands to Nokia 7 Plus, 6 Plus smartphones

Looking for a way to combat smartphone addiction? Those of you who own an Android One phone will be able to use Google's Digital Wellbeing tool to do just that.

SEE: Monitor which websites your kids visit with these apps

Launched with Android Pie 9.0 in August, Digital Wellbeing was created to help you monitor and set limits on the apps you use and how much you use them. Until now, Digital Wellbeing has been available just for Google's Pixel phones.... Read More »

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To help teach kids internet safety, Google is teaming up with parents and teachers

Internet etiquette and safety can be hard to figure out as an adult and even more confusing as a child getting their feet wet with the web. Since last year, Google has partnered with a handful of digital-safety groups to address this issue head on with its Be Internet Awesome campaign.

To mark National Cybersecurity Awareness and National Bullying Prevention Month, Google is taking the effort a step further, announcing yesterday that they were teaming up with the National Parent Teacher Association... Read More »

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'Fortify Florida' app launches as an early warning system for school threats

It's been less than a year since the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland Florida. The Parkland shooting was classified as 2018's deadliest shooting, but it wasn't the year's only school shooting.

The survivors of the February shooting have been outspoken on the issue of gun control. Florida's state legislature took action by passing the Stoneman Douglas Act in March. The bill restricts mentally ill people from owning guns and adds provisions for gun and... Read More »

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How 'Memorize by Heart' app can help you prep for speeches and presentations

Memorization can be difficult unless you're one of the lucky people blessed with a photographic memory. We're taught various techniques in school, ranging from "read it, write it, say it," or the Rule of Seven (you remember something after hearing seven times).

The Memorize by Heart app (iOS) costs $1 and helps you remember text through repeated exposure. You can copy and paste the text you need to memorize.

As you work through the process, Memorize it by... Read More »

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