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ActionDash may do Digital Wellbeing better than Google's own Android app

Over the past year or so, Google, Apple and third-party app developers have been working on ways to help you manage how much time you spend staring at your phone or tablet. As some social media platforms are increasingly blamed for phone addiction, there comes mounting pressure to rein in potentially manipulative tricks designed to keep people glued to an app for as long as possible, and Google's Digital Wellbeing app is one such method.

There's just one problem.... Read More »

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Rosetta Stone language learning app uses augmented reality AI to teach new words

For many years, Rosetta Stone was the de facto language learning software, primarily found on Windows and Macs. But with the rise of free mobile language apps that crowd into its educational territory, the company has had to come with new and inventive ways to maintain its customer base and establish a presence beyond laptops and desktop PCs.

Today, VentureBeat spotted a new announcement from Rosetta Stone about its iPhone and iPad app, and it wasn't just the... Read More »

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Spotify reportedly making a voice-activated gadget to stream music in your car

Despite having 87 million paying subscribers around the world, Spotify can't afford to rest on its market-leading laurels. While it's one of the most popular and well-regarded music streaming platforms in the world, a new front in this constant war is opening up, in the form of your car's radio.

And according to a report from The Financial Times, the streaming service has a plan to stake a claim on your vehicular tunes, in the form of a physical device... Read More »

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How to use Politiscope app to check Congressional voting records

The list for potential presidential candidates in 2020 is growing longer every day. With candidate debates planned for this year, it's never too early to start educating yourself on who's running and where they stand on issues.

Though the large pool of candidates will shrink over the next 12 to 18 months, the presidential hopefuls have already started campaigning, reaching out on social media and speaking at town halls.

One of the fastest ways to know where a politician... Read More »

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Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg outlines 5-part plan to restore trust and fight fake news

While Facebook used to be a place to bicker publicly with your friends and relatives about politics and religion, it was perhaps inevitable that the sheer size of its audience would invite bad actors to do bad things, like wholesale personal data theft and mass-produced propaganda, the latter of which may be influencing the outcomes of national elections and referendums around the world.

With about 2.2 billion monthly active users, Facebook is arguably the largest public forum on the planet,... Read More »

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Verizon to roll out free spam alert and call blocking tools to all wireless customers

Verizon is aiming to help all its wireless customers battle spam calls and robocalls for free.

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In March, Verizon will begin rolling out its spam-alerting and call-blocking tools for free to all wireless subscribers with compatible smartphones, the company announced in a news release. The carrier already offers such tools through its Call Filter service, but that currently runs $2.99 a month. The tools will be available... Read More »

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WhatsApp now stops you from forwarding a message to more than five people

WhatsApp has tweaked its message forwarding feature in a bid to fight the spread of fake news.

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As of now, WhatsApp users cannot forward a message to more than five chats at the same time. Previously, you were able to forward messages to as many as 20 different chats in one shot. Before that, you could forward a message to as many as 256 different chats at one time. Last July,... Read More »

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Can Facebook win back teens with LOL meme hub?

It's safe to say that memes are one of the best parts of the internet. They're everywhere and can reference almost anything. Entire Facebook groups, text threads and Pinterest boards are devoted to memes. It's not uncommon if you have a bad day, to ask your friends on social media to send you memes.

It makes sense, then, that Facebook would try to regain popularity with teens by creating a LOL app for aggregating memes,.

The app, which is still in testing... Read More »

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This brain training app can boost attention and focus, according to a new study

With a constant barrage of emails, text messages and social media notifications on our phones, tablets and computers, it's no surprise that many of us are more distracted than ever.

"We've all experienced coming home from work feeling that we've been busy all day, but unsure what we actually did," said Professor Barbara Sahakian from the University of Cambridge's Department of Psychiatry. "Most of us spend our time answering emails, looking at text messages, searching social media, trying to multitask. But... Read More »

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You can finally mute artists on Spotify and here's how to do it

Instead of just giving a "thumbs down" on a song you don't like, Spotify (download for iOS or Android) is working on a feature that will allow you to block an artist.

The "don't play this artist" mute feature will appear in an upcoming update to Spotify's iOS app, Thurrott first reported.

Muting an artist will block their music on your personal library, playlists, Discover Weekly, Daily Mixes and more. You won't be able to manually... Read More »

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