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Those of you who use Microsoft To-Do to keep track of tasks will find a helpful new feature in the Windows 10 and Android versions of the app.

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With Microsoft To-Do, you can create multiple lists in which to organize and categorize your tasks, such as one list for personal items, another list for business items, a third list for household items. In the past, you could view only the items in one list at a time by clicking on each individual list. Now that limitation has been fixed. The latest Windows 10 and Android updates to Microsoft To-Do offer a new section called Planned. Click on that section and you'll see all your tasks across all your lists sorted by due date.

To-Do apps are handy ways to keep track of all the tasks, reminders, and activities you need to accomplish. You'll find a variety of to-do apps, such as Microsoft To-Do, Google Tasks, Todoist, Wunderlist, Any.DO, Remember the Milk, and Toodledo. Wunderlist is a robust and popular app. But it was purchased by Microsoft a few years ago, and the company has revealed plans to retire Wunderlist in favor of its own To-Do app. As such, Microsoft needs to keep enhancing its To-Do app to bring it up to par with Wunderlist as well as compete with third-party rivals.

To use the new feature, create multiple lists in Microsoft To-Do. Click each list, create some tasks, and assign each one a due date. Click the Planned tab. Your tasks across all your lists show up based on due date, starting with those due today.

So far, the new Planned feature in Microsoft To-Do is accessible in the Windows 10 version, the Web version, and the Android version but not in iOS. The feature will roll out to iOS in the coming months, a Microsoft spokesperson told

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  1. Microsoft's To-Do app now includes a Planned section to show you all your tasks across all your lists based on due date.
  2. The new feature is available in the Windows 10, Web, and Android versions of Microsoft To-Do but not in the iOS version.

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